About Teater Spektaklet
Teater Spektaklet is a puppet theatre consisting of Margaretha and Per Löfblad who also started the group in 1978.

Teater Spektaklet has produced 16 plays for children and families throughout the years. We are one of few groups in Sweden that play for really small children, from 2 years of age, but we also perform for school children up until about 12 years of age.
We do about 200-250 performances a year, mostly on tour around Sweden, but we also give regular performances at our home stage in Uppsala, ”Den Lilla Teatern” (The Little Theatre).

Den Lilla Teatern is managed by Teater Spektaklet in cooperation with Panikteatern, another small theatre group in Uppsala, and is mainly run as a childrens theatre. As well as being our home stage, we host about 50 guest performances a year.
In Teater Spektaklets plays we mostly mix different kinds of puppet technichs; glove puppets, rod puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets etc. and the puppeteers often appear also as narrators.

We often collaborate with other artists; puppeteers, puppet makers, stage designers, directors and musicians. For several years we have had a fruitful cooperation with The Omnibus Wind Ensemble, a well known and acknowledged swedish wind ensemble. Together we made ”Pulcinella”, a pantomime for three puppets and twelve musicians, with the music of Igor Stravinsky. With this play we have performed at a number of puppet and music festivals, in Sweden and abroad, and in the summer of -99 we toured in, and around San Francisco USA, invited by the Swedish Consulate in San Francisco.
A few years later we did ”The Prince with Donkey Ears” in which we performed together with three members of Omnibus. The music is written by Lars-Erik Lidström, clarinet player and musical arranger in the Omnibus Wind Ensemble. This performance has also been shown at several festivals in and out of Sweden, and has toured in Serbia and Macedonia in 2002.
Another succesful collaboration is that with the artist Eva Grytt, a well known puppet maker and stage designer who has worked with us in five of our latest productions.

 In the year 2000 we recieved The Gösta Knutsson Award from the City of Uppsala for making Den Lilla Teatern into an established and well known childrens theatre in the heart of Uppsala and for giving many generations of Uppsalas children, as well as their parents, lasting theatre experiences of high quality.

 In 2001 ”The Hen that went to Mount Dovre” was nominated to the price for Best Children and Youth Theatre by the Swedish Theatre Critics Association, and the same show was picked out and shown at The Swedish Theatre Biennal in 2003 as one of four children performances.

During the Linnaeus celebration in 2007 we produced ”Order in the Flower Beds! Said Linnaeus” and toured around Sweden performing 262 times. We were also invited by the Swedish Embassy in USA to make a minitour to New York, Philadelphia and Washington where we performed (as the first Theatre ever!) in the newly buildt House of Sweden as they were celebrating Carl Linnaeus 300th birthday.